Milan Lucic: ‘We need to play with an edge and play with fire’

Bruins forward Milan Lucic spoke about his line coming up with a goal tonight when Nathan Horton got the Bruins on the board in the second period.

“Yeah, it felt good,” Lucic said after the critical Game 5 victory. “Two shots between the three of us obviously is unacceptable. We need to do more to create more and in Game 3, well you look at Game 2, we stepped up and scored two goals. Obviously the first goal to get ourselves back in the game, and then in Game 3 we score the first goal to get ourselves up in that game, and tonight we score the first goal again for our team to get ourselves back in the game. And that’s what we need to do, we need to make an impact. I think Horty [Nathan Horton] did a good job, obviously he took two penalties, but that’s okay. When he plays with an edge, it makes him a great player. And that’s the way I think we need to play. We need to play with an edge and play with fire and go out there and just have some fun.”


Lucic spoke about what Horton’s goal did for the attitude of the team.

“Well obviously, it lifted everyone up,” Lucic said. “I think it lifted the fans up, it was an exciting feeling on the bench again. And after Horty [Nathan Horton] was in the box there for four straight minutes [laughter] he comes out with a big shift. But your penalty killers, especially like they did tonight, they step up and do the job they did, that’s obviously something big and can’t be overlooked like tonight’s win. And when you reward the penalty killers with answering back and getting yourself back in the game with a goal like that, you start feeling pretty good about yourselves. And you start feeling like you have a chance to win and you want to keep moving forward.”

More from Lucic’s postgame locker room session:

On the play Patrice Bergeron made on Brad Marchand’s goal…
Yeah it’s just a good confident, patient play. Obviously even looking at the replay [Brad] Marchand had a guy on him and he was really strong on the stick. He even said he didn’t see it, but he knew that the puck was going to get on his stick. And that’s just the chemistry those two have created this year. And Marshy [Brad Marchand] obviously had a great start to this series. But he’s a great player for us and he’s been a great player for us all season long. And it’s just him stepping up and making a big play at a key time.

On how Patrice Bergeron returning to the line-up has helped the team…
Yeah, he’s a really strong two-way player. And he’s great in the face-off circles, a great penalty killer, a great PP guy and he plays in every situation. And when a guy goes down like that obviously it sucks because you lose a key player on your team. But it’s great he’s been able to come back and have an impact, obviously in Game 4 he had two goals and tonight he obviously set up the winner. And he’s a big part of our team and we’re going to need him to keep playing big and keep doing what he does.

On trying to close out the series in Tampa Bay…
Nothing should change from our attitude. And the last two series and what we needed to do to get that fourth win. And they are going to fight for their lives and they are going to come out as hard as they possibly can. But I think for us we have to do whatever we can to come out even harder. Obviously, you guys were all there, the building was rocking and the fans were into it and they did obviously a good job coming back. So there is a lot of stuff that we need to do to prepare for the next game there and we should just be excited and live in the moment.

On how he played tonight…
Well it’s definitely better I mean obviously last game was disappointing, didn’t get much done. And felt like I was able to obviously on that goal, create something on that goal. I don’t know what’s going on. This season, I think the big thing for myself was I was able to find that consistency. And for some reason, I wish I had an answer for it, but it’s not there right now. So I think obviously there is still room for improvement, but it was better because I didn’t hurt my team. But also I did at least something to help my team.

On getting scoring chances tonight…
It’s just the way that they play they support each other real well and they really make it hard on us. They made it hard on us from the drop of the puck, I think in the first period we were only able to get four shots there but the main, thing, we can’t get frustrated. We can’t get frustrated, we can’t get down on ourselves, we can’t start yelling at one another, we need to just keep chipping away, keep chipping away, keep chipping away. And if they are tightening things up like I said, we just have to keep chipping away and keep finding a way to beat the goaltender.

On the play leading up to Nathan Horton’s goal…
I thin it was because the D men crossed, they set up for the one-timer there with Kabby [Tomas Kaberle] and Johnny [Boychuk] and they crossed. So the guy that was on the boards, the defenseman wasn’t there, so I though okay just keep going down and it’s easy to make a pass like that, when your linemate gets open like that. And Horty [Nathan Horton] has shown since he’s been in the league that when he gets a scoring opportunity in that spot, he’s very dangerous.

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