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Claude Julien on Burrows bite: ‘It’s a classless move’

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Bruins coach Claude Julien spoke about his team’s tough loss in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals and the incident involving the Alexandre Burrows bite on Patrice Bergeron.

“I haven’t seen it, to be honest with you,” Julien said. “I haven’t had time to look at that stuff right now. I’m going by what Patrice told me. Obviously there was something that happened. I guess I’ll save my comments for after I see it. But if that’s the case, it’s a classless move, not something players should be doing at this level anyway.”


Julien did see the winning goal with 18.5 seconds left.

“It’s obviously a nice goal by them,” Julien said. “I thought for the first two periods we played a pretty even game. Obviously, in the third we just seemed to lack some energy and lost our legs. They just seemed to come at us pretty hard. They kind of took the game over in the third period and obviously found a way to win it with a late goal… I haven’t really looked at it. Even if it was or wasn’t (offside on Vancouver), wouldn’t change the outcome right now.”

More from Julien:

Q. Does it feel like one that got away at this point, given how well your team played?

Julien: “I think we played a real good road game, to be honest with you. To be in the situation we were after two periods, I didn’t mind it, especially against this hockey club. I thought our PK [penalty killing] did a great job against their power-play. Timmy
made the big saves when he had to. Like I said, for two periods, I was pretty pleased. Obviously, third period they were the better team and they ended up scoring that goal. It got away from us, but we still got an opportunity here in the next game to hopefully get that one and kind of get the home-ice advantage.”


Q. With both goaltenders playing as well as they did, can you get a sense maybe this is the way the series could play out?

Julien: “It’s the way it happened tonight. I think it’s pretty hard to predict what’s going to happen, because throughout the playoffs there’s been different situations that happen. Some games you get those kind of scoreless games for most of it, and then other games everything seems to go in. We’ll take it one game at a time.

Q. The power-play and then also just scoring chances in general, some of them got away. How frustrating was it for the team as each one goes on there?

Julien: “Again, I think our power-play was better tonight than it had been in a while. We spent a lot of time, we had some shots, had some opportunities, had some chances. We didn’t score. Obviously when your power play isn’t doing well, people are going to criticize because you didn’t score. But I think the same thing happened on the other side. As long as we’re able to stay on even terms with them when it comes to special teams, we’re OK with that.”

Q. Can you assess your team’s play in the neutral zone, particularly
at even strength?


Julien: “Again, when it was one of those tight games, they certainly had a tight gap. What I didn’t maybe like as much from our neutral zone is that we turned too many pucks over just in front of their blue line, didn’t get it deep enough for our liking. That’s something that wasn’t probably at par tonight for a hockey club.

Q. Were you surprised by how chippy it was and overall the amount of penalties on both sides?

Julien: “Well, I think both teams were trying to make a statement, I would imagine. Although we talked about discipline, we were obviously going to stand up for each other. This was the type of game that was played. When two teams don’t know each other that well, they’re facing each other, obviously the buildup to this finals, there’s going to be some strong emotions out there. Both teams obviously reacted to that.”


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