Maxim Lapierre taunts Patrice Bergeron about the Alexandre Burrows’ finger bite

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Maxim Lapierre, the Canucks’ well-known agitator and Bruins baiter, tried to reverse re-enact the Alexandre Burrows Game 1 finger bite on the Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron during the third period of Saturday night’s Game 2 at Rogers Arena.

In the video above, Lapierre is seen trying to stick his fingers into Bergeron’s mouth, followed by the two players exchanging words.

“And look at the punks now out to play,” former Bruin and current NBC NHL analyst Mike Milbury said during the Game 2 telecast regarding Lapierre’s mocking of the Burrows bite on Bergeron. “Punks like Lapierre come out to play and make fun and denigrate the game the way it should be played … This [Burrows] is a good player who shouldn’t be in this game, and if you’re a Boston fan, you should be pretty angry.”


Lapierre–a former Montreal Canadien–has been a longtime nemesis of the Black and Gold, mixing it up with Milan Lucic in the playoffs on a couple of occasions two years ago.

“I was raised to hate the Bruins,” Lapierre said before the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. “That’s the way it is for pretty much everybody in Montreal. They [Canadiens] had to win every year or people would be pissed off for the whole summer.”

Adding insult to injury, Burrows played a part in all three Canuck goals in Game 2, and scored the game winner by beating Tim Thomas 11 seconds into overtime.

It should be an interesting scene in Boston when Burrows, Lapierre, and Co. come to Garden, along with the Green Men, for Game 3 Monday night.

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