Vigneault reiterates Tim Thomas straying from net

The Canucks didn’t like Tim Thomas’s hit on Henrik Sedin in Game 2. In fact, the Canucks have talked to league officials regarding Thomas leaving his crease and initiating contact.

“Part of Thomas’s way of playing is playing out of the blue paint, initiating contact, roaming out there,” Alain Vigneault said. “He seems to think that if he’s out, he’s set, and makes the save, he can go directly back in his net without having anybody behind him. Well, that’s wrong. He’s got the wrong rule on that. If we’re behind him, then that’s our ice. We’re allowed to stay there. We’ve talked to the NHL about that. We’ve talked to the NHL about him initiating contact like he did on Hank. They’re aware of it. Hopefully they’re going to handle it.”


Thomas was credited with a hit on the play. He was standing in the crease when he threw the hit.


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