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Brad Marchand: ‘A lot of guys stepping up big right now’

Bruins forward Brad Marchand said he’s just out there trying to play his game and is happy his team came away with a big win in Game 4.

“Timmy [Tim Thomas] made a lot of big saves,” Marchand said. “They really took it to us there at one point, so you know, we’re obviously real happy about the win.”

Marchand talked about being a “bit of a rat” out on the ice, capable of putting pressure on the net, and being physical with the opponent.

“Whatever aspect of the game you want to play and, obviously, it’s helped my game to try and be a bit of a rat out there, you know, obviously it’s tough riding that line between a penalty that I shouldn’t have taken and that was obviously right,” Marchand said. “You want to stay in the lines and try to play that way.”


Leadership in the Bruins’ locker room has been a key component in the team being able to handle the loss of Nathan Horton.

“Yeah, we have a lot of guys that are stepping up big right now,” Marchand said. “And you know, we just wanted to chip away and try to get back into the series. Vancouver is an unbelievable team and they’re very tough to play against, so, we wanted to do our best to get back in the series and we’re fighting for something we’ve wanted our whole lives. And fortunately we were able to kind of get back here, but, you know, we’re just trying to keep up with them. They’re playing unreal.”

More from Marchand’s postgame locker room session:

On Boston forward Nathan Horton’s return to the locker room…
“Yeah, it was nice to see Horty, for sure.”

On if Horton said anything to him …
“I didn’t see him much, just, he’s OK and you know, happy to be back with the guys.”

On the sequence of his goal …
“I think, I just swung in there and then I think [Keith] Ballard tripped up and Bergy [Patrice Bergeron] did a great job getting there and forcing the turnover and forked it to the front and I just put it in the open net.”


On the physical aspect of the Bruins’ game tonight and if that was important in establishing a tempo…
“Yeah, we, anytime you get a hit early in the game, it kind of gets you into the game, gets you more involved and that’s what we were trying to do. Everyone gets a little bump early in the game and gets involved.”

On if he relishes his role as a self-described “rat”…
“Obviously it’s a tough role to play, it’s tough to walk that line, you know, I get pulled back a lot, but it’s how I have to play to be effective.”

On why the Bruins have been so successful in the second periods of this series…
“We just try and be focused every time we come in the dressing room and it seems like Vancouver usually dominates the first and we just usually try and counter in the second. You need to be focused every period.”

On being two games away from the Cup as a rookie and how he ensures that he isn’t looking too far ahead…
“Yeah, it’s pretty tough. You just don’t want to think about it at all, that’s when the nerves start to creep in and you know, two games is a very long way away, especially when we’re playing a team like Vancouver. So, you just want to take it one day at a time, one game at a time and hope for the best.”


On how the Bruins have been slowing Vancouver’s speed and if Boston’s aggressive forecheck has played a role…
“They have intense speed over there and they’re very, very tough to play against. But we have a lot of speed over here and we’re just trying to use it to our advantage. Sometimes a lot of it has to do with bounces and just trying to keep it simple.”

On the sequence in his altercation with Canucks players at the end of the third…
“Yeah, I tried to jump over [Christian] Ehrhoff there and clipped him with my arm and [Daniel] Sedin tried to take a ride on me and that would have been a cheap hit, I already had a penalty against me and so I just ducked on him and saw [Keith] Ballard coming.”


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