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Shawn Thornton: ‘We want to be physical every night’

Bruins forward Shawn Thornton talked about the physical play that has been a big part of the turnaround in the series against the Canucks.

“I don’t know about more physical [than Game 3], it’s playoffs, it’s the finals,” Thornton said after the 4-0 Game 4 victory over the Canucks. “We are going to want to be physical every night. I think tonight we did a good job of being able to get in on the forecheck. If we are not playing physical then we are not playing the right way. It’s not our main focus, but it’s one area of our focus.”


Thornton spoke about playing without Nathan Horton, lost for the remainder of the series with a concussion.

“He’s an unbelievable teammate, he’s so positive, he’s in such a good mood all the time,” Thornton said of Horton. “He makes everyone around him feel better about themselves. Anything we can do for him obviously we are going to try to do.”

Thornton was asked if it’s a coincidence that the Bruins have outscored Vancouver, 12-1, since the hit on Horton.

“Probably. I mean a win is a win, a loss is a loss,” Thornton said. “I don’t put too much thought into how many goals are scored over the course of a couple of days. It’s just a win. Now we have to focus because that’s not an easy barn to win in. We’ve said it in every game that you guys have been here. Afterwards we will think about this one for a couple of hours, get some sleep, and focus on the next one after that.”

More from Thornton’s postgame locker room session:

On if there is any way to explain the Bruins dominance in the second period…
“I don’t know about dominance. I think both teams played pretty hard. We had a couple pucks go in, but I wouldn’t say it was lopsided. I think they are a really good team and they played pretty hard too.”


On Brad Marchand taking on three Canucks players late in the game…
“Marshy plays hard every single night, he has all year. He was on my line the first 20 or so games and he was a treat to play with. He plays with a bit of an edge and I mean it’s good to see that when he felt that he had to back it up he wasn’t afraid to get his gloves off. Obviously it wasn’t much of a tilt, but he was standing there willing to see what was going to happen. But I like his character and I’m glad that he is on our team.”

On incident involving Alex Burrows and Tim Thomas…
“It’s playoff hockey, stuff like that is going to happen every now and again. I’m sure the fans got a kick out of it or they seemed to.”

On Horton coming in to present the jacket after the game…
“It was awesome…he’s such a good team guy. He does everything for us and he has all year, everybody on this team loves him. He makes everyone around him feel better about themselves. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever met a more positive guy in the room. So for him to come in, the guys were pretty excited. I didn’t even know he was here until he walked out to give the jacket. That was a pretty nice surprise.”


On what he liked best about tonight’s victory…
“I think the way we played, we came from the drop of the puck and we didn’t let up for most of the night. I mean they played hard too, we had some pucks go in and Timmy stood on his head. It’s going to be a great series, we tied it up and now we are going to have to work on the next one.”

On what the fourth line has been able to accomplish in the playoffs…
“I’ve played with Soupy [Gregory Campbell] for I’d say 100 and whatever games, 95 percent of them, so we’re pretty familiar with each other. So Paisey [Daniel Paille] after Marshy got his promotion because we made him look so good, Paisey came in so we’ve played together 50 or 60 games. We are able to read off each other, it’s fairly straight line, simple hockey. We try to get pucks deep, try not to turn pucks over, make too many mistakes. I think honestly we’ve been doing it for most of the year, it’s nice to be able to contribute a little bit this time of year obviously.”


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