Julien: Bruins have always been confident

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Claude Julien spoke briefly to the media at 6 p.m. Here is a transcript of the Bruins coach’s comments:

After Game 4 Coach [Alain] Vigneault when asked who would be starting in goal tonight, when asked if Roberto Luongo would, he said, ‘You can bet on it.’ Considering how he has struggled are you glad to see him in there?

Julien: “I’m not going to say am I glad. He’s a great goaltender. Goaltenders have some tough nights. As he said, he felt his team didn’t help him in front, so that is not a really big concern of mine right now. My concern is what happens in our dressing room, so it really doesn’t matter.”


Coach, how important has the forecheck been for you guys
recently, especially in the series? And how important is it moving forward
that you have that consistency there?

Julien: “Our forecheck has been our bread and butter all year, and we talked about making that a better situation this year from the year before. I think we have done a good job of it, and we’re successful when the pucks are put in the right place and when we have the right forecheck going. The last two games have been probably the best examples of that, and as you know, when we left Vancouver, we didn’t feel very good about the way we handled the puck in the neutral zone and didn’t allow us to play within our strength. We’ve done that the last two games and I think it’s important to keep doing those things, getting speed through the neutral zone and establishing a good forecheck.”

Coach, you’ve seen throughout the playoffs that the road teams had a lot of success early on, but in the playoffs you see 4-0 [at home] here. The last couple years it has been that way. Is there anything about, does home ice become a bigger advantage in the series as you get down the road?


Julien: “I don’t know. I’m not big on stats, you’ve heard me
say that before. Those things don’t matter to me. What matters to me the most is what we bring tonight. I don’t think it’s a given because you’re in the Final and have had success in the past that it’s a given that they will again. They got to make it happen and we got to make it happen. That’s why I don’t pay attention to those kind of details. Our preparation is about tonight and not about stats.”

Coming into the series, just the general confidence before it all started and the way you’ve come back, can you compare where you were when it all started to where you are now?

Julien: We’re at the same place, to be honest with you. I
don’t think we ever came into the Final saying, ‘Well, boys, we’re overmatched here.’ We got here because we deserve to be here. We felt we had just as good of a chance as they did no matter what predictions or people say. You don’t come in here with an inferiority complex. You come in here with confidence. I think that’s what we’ve done. Even being down 2-0, we took the responsibility that came with the losses and said we’re capable of playing better. We didn’t deserve those first two games so it’s up to us to make up for it and went back home and did that.”

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