NHL to Thornton: No Red Sox cap


It’s pretty insignificant considering the Bruins are playing Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight, but RDS hockey reporter Renaud P Lavoie tweeted yesterday that the NHL told Shawn Thornton he can no longer wear his Red Sox hat during interviews. Thornton, seen here wearing an unspoked-B before Game 4, did not wear his Red Sox cap during yesterday’s media availability in Vancouver.

Before all you NHL conspiracy theorists go reaching for your Alex Burrows Voodoo dolls, the league provided a reason for asking Thornton not to wear his Sox hat to Yahoo!’s Greg Wyshynski:

“As per our marketing guys: We’d prefer that our players wear only NHL and licensed merchandise at our events,” said John Dellapina, the NHL’s senior director of media relations. “The revenue from sale of both is split between the clubs and players.”


So the league isn’t taking an anti-Red Sox stance but rather an anti-anything-that-isn’t-promoting-the-NHL stance. Makes sense. Still, it’s a shame Thornton won’t be able to rock any more Sox gear and show off his Boston pride.

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