Last words from Bruins-Canucks Game 5

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Some final notes and quotes on the Canucks’ 1-0 victory over the Bruins tonight at Rogers Arena:

Bruins coach Claude Julien, on the Canucks playing more physically, outhitting the Bruins 47-27: “I don’t think it’s anything different. It’s a series that has a lot of body checks. I know they dominated and, for the first period at least, I know it was about 21 to 13 or something like that. But with the power plays we had and the way we started off the game, the team that’s chasing the team that has the puck the most is going to end up with the most body checks. So you got to be careful how you look at those things. They had an edge tonight. They were in front of their home fans and they seemed to thrive on that. They came out hard and were a committed group.”


Canucks coach Alain Vigneault, on whether it was difficult regrouping after being outscored 12-1 in Games 3 and 4 in Boston: “No, I mean we’re playing for the Stanley Cup here. This is the hardest thing each and ever one of us has tried to do. We’re trying our best. They’re trying their best. They’re working their butt off, so are we. It’s real competitive and real great hockey out there. I knew our guys were going to be focused. That’s what we can control, is how we play. And our guys went out and played hard.”

Maxim Lapierre, on the Canucks’ chippiness: “I think we were just trying to play our game out there. We know we’re a good team when we play whistle-to-whistle, but I don’t have much to say about that. We’re not making a big deal about it in our room.”

Roberto Luongo, on his habit of going for a walk along the Vancouver seawall to clear his mind before a big game: “I did it today. I don’t know if they have any seawalls in Boston, but I’m going to look for that. I put my hoodie on and my headphones, and I don’t know if somebody said anything. I can’t hear. But I just focus on the journey and everything I need to do to be ready for the game and that’s what gets me prepared.”


Julien, on the Bruins’ struggles on the power play tonight (they were 0 for 4): “The other night, although we didn’t score [on the power play in Game 4], we had much better chances than we did tonight. Tonight was certainly not a good night for a power play. It wasn’t a good night for our whole team, as far as creating good, quality scoring chances. We had some, but the thing, again, that we need to do a lot better is get to that front of the net. We had guys, again, there, but on the side. We need to be a little more aggressive in that area than we were tonight. That’s so huge for a hockey club and we need that.”

Vigneault, on being one win from the Stanley Cup: “You’ve heard me say this a thousand times and it will be a thousand and one now. One game at a time. We’re going to take tomorrow to travel to Boston, relax tomorrow, have a good practice the next day, and then we’re going to focus on the process, focus on what we need to do to put our best game on the ice.”

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