Roberto Luongo on Game 7: ‘I’ll be ready for it’

Comments from Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, who allowed three goals in 8:35 before being pulled from the game, an eventual 5-2 victory for the Bruins:

On the 4:14 stretch where the Bruins scored four goals [the fourth coming against replacement Cory Schneider]: “Yeah, I mean they came out flying obviously and got some goals and I obviously didn’t make enough key saves to weather the storm early.”

On Brad Marchand’s goal in the first period: “Well, I mean, I was there. It was a good shot but at the same time I got to make that save, so I mean, he put it where he wanted it but you know I got to make a save there.”


On how nervous he was before the game: “Honestly, I had a good feeling all day. There was not extra nerves or anything like that. I was excited to play. I mean we had a chance to win the Cup. Nerves is part of playing in the playoffs. I think we had nerves every game, pretty much.”

On what accounts for the vast difference in his play in Boston and Vancouver: “I’ve had some success on the road all year. I mean, I know that before the series even started I enjoyed playing in this building. So, I’m not going to make any excuses. It just didn’t happen for me obviously, in all three games. I’m just doing to move on right now and we have one game at home to win a Stanley Cup. We’ve had some success there as a team so that’s what we’re looking forward to right now.”

On if he feels that he has a chance to rebound and play like he did in Game 5, a 1-0 win: “Yeah, I mean, I got to believe in myself, right? That’s a big component of bouncing back and playing a good game. So, we’re going to put what happened tonight behind us as soon as possible and obviously get ready for what is going to be a dream as far as playing in game seven in a Stanley Cup Final.”


On the play of Tim Thomas tonight: “He played well. He’s been playing well all series and I’ve said that from the start.”

On what he said to Cory Schneider when he came into the game: “I just told him to shut the door. I mean, it was three-nothing and it was early in the game. I said, just, you know, shut the door and we’ll get back in this game.”

On what Shawn Thornton said to him during warm-ups: “I can’t say it on the air.”

On if it is hard not to feel that he has let the team down: “Well I think, obviously, we could have had a much better game but like I said now, it’s one game from the Stanley Cup, so you can’t hang your head now and feel sorry for yourself, that would be the worst thing I could do.”

On if it is a similar feeling to Game 7 versus Chicago: “Yeah, obviously a little bit but it’s a bigger stage. It’s the Stanley Cup Final. It’s one game, winner take all. I’ve been in those situations before, I know how to handle it and I’ll be ready for it.”

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