Video: Tim Thomas shaves playoff beard

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas has shaved his playoff beard, but kept the ‘stache.

Thomas made a charity event out of it. He had his beard shaved at Gillette’s World Shaving Headquarters in South Boston, and a check was presented to charitable causes in Thomas’s honor.

“The shave felt great,” Thomas said after rising from the chair clean-shaven, although he kept a mustache. “I could have fallen asleep in that chair.”

Thomas was asked if he’s gotten any rest since the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

Tim Thomas

“I got 11 hours last night,” Thomas said. “That’s more than I got all playoffs, for sure.”


Thomas said the reality of winning the Stanley Cup was finally starting to sink in and he’s now going through some of the memories of the Cup run and thinking about how special it was.

“A lot of the stuff that happens behind the scenes, people will never know,” Thomas said. “But the individual efforts that it took, the specialness. Just for one example, if Michael Ryder didn’t make that one save, I think it was Game 5 in Montreal, then I wouldn’t have made the save against [Canadien Brian] Gionta later, and we wouldn’t have scored [to go on]. There’s so many stories just like that really, if you look at them you realize just how special it was for us to accomplish what we accomplished.”

Thomas also spoke about the riot situation in Vancouver after the Bruins won Game 7.

“Those Vancouver fans that did what they did in Vancouver, those weren’t hockey fans,” Thomas said. “If they are? Stop it, we don’t need you.”

Thomas shaves

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