Camp wrap, Day 2

WILMINGTON — The Bruins split today’s on-ice activities into two segments: skating and drills. For the first session, power skating instructor Besa Tsintsadze ran the players through edgework and puck skills. In the second session, the players went through several different drills, including backchecking and one-on-one work.

For the second straight day, Jared Knight and Ryan Spooner were among the most efficient forwards. On the back end, Tommy Cross, Ryan Button, Marc Cantin, and David Warsofsky stood out.

* Bruce Cassidy is leading all on-ice sessions. Cassidy was promoted to Providence head coach after serving as Rob Murray’s assistant for the past three seasons. “At the end of the day, we’re there to develop,” Cassidy said of his role. “Developing is teaching. It’s reinforcing. It’s motivating. When the puck drops, then you’re coaching. Those are the elements I look at. I think communication is a big thing nowadays. You can’t just bark at them like you did 15 years ago and expect them to perform. It’s a lot of explaining why and the purpose of how it benefits the team and how it benefits them.”


* One of Cassidy’s biggest tasks will be to get Zach Hamill on track. Hamill, the team’s first-round pick in 2007, has yet to develop into a consistent AHLer, much less a threat to crack the Boston lineup. Hamill, a natural center, could play on the wing. “He hasn’t developed as well as we’ve all hoped,” Cassidy acknowledged. “We all know that up front. Part of that has to fall on the coaching staff. Part of that has to fall on the individual. We move forward, Zach gets an opportunity to work with a new coaching staff, per se. Maybe that motivates him. Maybe we look at moving him around in a different position. He’s been a center iceman. Maybe we try him on the wing. It’s a little unorthodox and thinking out of the box. But maybe that gets his game to another level, putting him with some players that can make him a better player also. At the end of the day, when you’re in your fourth year with the same organization, it falls upon yourself just to push people. The individual has to recognize what’s going on around him. A few people have passed him. It’s time for him to start passing some younger guys that have come in the last couple years. Whether he’s ready to do that, we’ll find out in September.”


* Tyler Seguin worked out at Ristuccia Arena today. Seguin is younger than 17 of the 24 campers.


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