Bruins receive Stanley Cup rings


Patrice Bergeron shows off his ring. (Associated Press)

Members of the 2010-11 Boston Bruins were presented with their championship rings last night. Longtime Bruin and current president of the organization Cam Neely was among those to receive a ring.


“Happy to do it,” a smiling Seabass told the press corps when he was asked to show off his new piece of hardware.

“After I retired, I never expected to have a ring on my finger. It’s just, dreams have come true.”

Neely was a part of a five-member panel charged with piecing together the commemorative trinket. The others were general manager Peter Chiarelli, senior VP of sales Amy Latimer, director of media relations Matt Chmura, and Charlie Jacobs, son of team owner Jeremy Jacobs.


What the panel came up with is a stunning piece of jewelry adorned with more than 300 diamonds.

The top of the ring features the Bruins’ storied spoked-B atop a diamond-studded Stanley Cup. There are more than 100 diamonds on the top of the ring alone, including six spread along the sides to represent the B’s six Stanley Cup titles.

On one side of the ring, each player’s name and number was engrained around an 18k yellow gold image of the Bruins secondary logo, and six more diamonds to signify Boston’s place among the Original Six NHL teams.

On the other side, a Stanley Cup made of 26 diamonds is surrounded by six years: 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972, and 2011. If you’re reading this blog, we’ll go ahead and assume you know what happened in those years.

On the interior, engravings of the Canadiens, Flyers, Lightning, and Canuck logos serve as reminders of the Bruins’ road through last postseason. On the other, the team’s playoff slogan, “Full 60+ to History,” reads as it did in the team’s dressing room last postseason.


“The air kind got let out of the room. Everyone was taken aback at how nice it was and how nice it looks,” winger Shawn Thornton said about the presentation. “It’s probably worth more than my parents made growing up. I’m kind of speechless. It’s unbelievable how great of a job [the Jacobs] did.”


“I knew this was going to be nice,” retired winger Mark Recchi said. “But what the Jacobs family did was absolutely amazing. It kind of blew me away. The thought that went into this and the little details is amazing.”

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