Bruins study mistakes on video

Instead of practicing today, the Bruins had a video session to identify their many shortcomings. (No truth to the rumor the session lasted longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy.)

“A lot of times players don’t think they’re as bad as they are until they see it,” Claude Julien said. “When they see it, it kind of opens their eyes. We’ve attacked different areas at times and showed them. Today was more of the whole package. That’s why we kept our whole day on video more than on practice. They need to realize it before they can do something about it.”


The Bruins don’t need video to show how inept they are offensively. But they need reminders of how uncharacteristically sloppy they’ve been defensively. The defensemen have been all over the place. Wings haven’t been collapsing. Forwards haven’t come back hard enough for the puck.

Because of those defensive problems, the Bruins are like five players in five cabs going the other way. Instead of attacking as a five-man unit, their transition game is suffering.

“It’s just getting back to our work ethic, our structure, and doing what made us successful,” Chris Kelly said.

* Andrew Ference was called for roughing last night when he popped P.K. Subban in the face. According to Ference, Subban jammed his stick in an unspeakable area, which prompted the punch. “Obviously the retaliation’s going to get called more often than not,” Ference admitted. “Legit penalty.”


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