Claude Julien not surprised by Milan Lucic’s non-suspension

Tonight, Milan Lucic, otherwise known as a piece of you-know-what to Ryan Miller, will appear in his 16th game instead of being subject to discipline.

“From our end of it, we were convinced it wasn’t deliberate,” Claude Julien said. “We were hoping that was the decision that was going to be taken, and it was.”

Lucic was called for charging on the play. The penalty fell under Rule 42.1, which dictates that goaltenders are not fair game even if they leave the crease.

In Julien’s opinion, goaltenders should be off limits.

“I don’t think they should be hit. Absolutely not,” Julien said. “But there’s a difference between a hit and a collision. That’s always going to be a gray area in people’s minds. Some people are going to call it a hit. Some people are going to call it a collision. As far as I’m concerned as a coach, I’ll abide by any rule they want to put in there. If they say you can’t touch him at all, you can’t touch him at all. If they keep the rule the way it is, let’s keep the rule the way it is. I know for a fact if Milan had intended on hitting him, he would have never got up. We know how hard he hits. That speaks for itself.”



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