Tyler Seguin won’t discuss benching

Less than 48 hours after Tyler Seguin was yanked from the Boston lineup for oversleeping, neither he nor head coach Claude Julien were inclined to discuss the subject this morning following the club’s tradtional day-of-game skate.

Seguin was available at his locker as the doors to the dressing room opened at approximately 11 a.m., but the 19-year-old winger had the club’s top media operative, Matt Chmura, at his side to shoo away questions about Winnipeg.

”Yeah, I talked about it [in Winnipeg] … now I’m getting ready fo the next game,” said Seguin, responding to an initial question.


From there, Chmura deflected any other question tossed Seguin’s way that was related to the Tuesday night benching.

”Like he said, he’s already talked about it,” said Chmura. ”If there are any questions about hockey …”

When another question was raised about it, a more foreceful Chmura added, ”We are done talking about this issue. Everybody in the organization has talked about it…that’s as far as we are going.”

Approximately a half-hour later, coach Claude Julien labeled it ”old news … two days old”, adding that he had ”turned the page” on the episode.

”He’s fine. I’m fine. He’s in the lineup tonight,” said Julien. ”He missed a game, paid his dues. He’s 19 years old and he’s fine with the organization. He’s a good professional. The page is turned and we move on.”

Jordan Caron, Seguin’s roommate both at home and on the road, said Seguin was still sleeping when he woke up early Tuesday morning and left the room. He sat at the team breakfast in the hotel, with Seguin still not in attendance, and said he telephoned Seguin in the room to attempt to stir him.

”I called a few times,” said Jordan. ”I guess his phone was off, or something.”


Jordan added a couple of time that it was ”just an accident” and he was sure it would not happen again.

Given that the team breakfast and subsequent meeting both were in the same hotel where Seguin slept, a Globe reporter asked if Caron considered simply returning to the room to haul his roommmate to the meeting.

”I didn’t have time,” he said. ”The meeting was starting right after breakfast.”

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