Notable reactions from Bruins-Canucks battle

Bruins coach Claude Julien on Milan Lucic’s questionable line change: “I’m not blaming [the referees] – they’re in the middle of a scrum there – but Looch was on the ice already. It wasn’t an illegal change; he didn’t come off the bench. There are no issues there in my mind; it’s clear. What’s unfortunate is that we lost a pretty good player early in the game.”

Bruins forward Shawn Thornton on fighting: “I was more upset with the spear to the throat. I thought, I mean I don’t lose my cool for no reason. I’m a pretty… I see myself as a pretty honest player. But, I’m not going to let someone spear me in the throat. I’m also a man so I stand up for myself.”


Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa on fighting: “I don’t think we really wanted to go head to head with them, but we are certainly not going to back down from them. We showed that from the beginning and we stood our ground. You know, big fight by Weise. And, Max (Lapierre) is a character guy, and if somebody asks him to fight, he is going to fight and stick up for himself. He did a great job there. After that we played hockey. I think hockey wise we are a better team than them.”

Bieksa on Brad Marchand’s big hit: “We play hard, but we are a disciplined team. That’s what separates us from them. They obviously play hard, but they tend to do stupid things. The Marchand hit was a pretty stupid thing and I’m sure he’ll be getting a phone call for that one. There is no reason for that.”

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas: “It was the second time in three games that we started out a game and got down on a five on three within three minutes of opening the game. When you put yourself down right off the bat it makes it harder.”


Bruins forward Daniel Paille on his penalty shot: “I tried to go just over the pad but it was just unfortunate that it didn’t go in I had a lot of pressure on it and I thought I felt good with it but sometimes they go in, this time it didn’t.”

Canucks goalie Cory Schneider on saving Paille’s penalty shot: “I’ve seen him rip it glove side a couple times, so I kept it high and just presented it to try to take it away early and he kind of cut across and fortunately I had it in a good spot.”

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