Brad Marchand disappointed in NHL’s ruling

Brad Marchand will begin serving his five-game suspension tonight. Marchand will be eligible to return on Jan. 19 against New Jersey.

“I’m obviously a little disappointed,” Marchand said. “I wasn’t expecting as many games as I got. That’s the decision. Now I just have to move on.”

Marchand said he spoke with Brendan Shanahan earlier this season regarding such hits to clarify what was and what wasn’t a penalty. Based on the conversation, Marchand said he was informed that such hits were legal when applied toward self-protection.

Shanahan ruled that Marchand threw a predatory hit on Sami Salo.

“It’s clear that I’m not allowed to do that,” Marchand said. “Guys in the league aren’t allowed to do that. I think they’ve tried to make that clear. I have to do something else next time.”



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