Andrew Ference suspended for three games

Andrew Ference will not play today against the Flyers. Ference has been suspended for at least one game for his charging penalty yesterday on Ryan McDonagh.

UPDATE: Ference has been suspended for three games.

“You never want to see a player suspended,” Claude Julien said. “At the same time, there’s rules in place. It’s a game that’s played on the edge. What’s pretty clear is that Ference is not a dirty player. Ference is one of those guys that supports what the league is trying to do in regards to that. Not every time a player is suspended is it meant intentionally.”


“Sometimes guys are going into the boards at a fast speed,” Julien said. “”Then they’re off-balance. It’s a game on the edge. It just goes to prove that it doesn’t always have to be a dirty play and meant intentionally. [Zdeno Chara] got hit from behind yesterday. If Z was 5-foot-10, he probably would have stayed down on the ice. It’s a lot about what comes out of those kinds of hits, the injuries and everything else, that the league seems to be looking at. You respect what they’re trying to do and you move on.”

Steven Kampfer will play for the first time since Dec. 14.


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