Claude Julien postgame press conference

Bruins coach Claude Julien

On how the team will use last year’s experience in overcoming adversity:
Well there’s certainly lots of guys in that dressing room that have gone through that and there’s some others that are new to our hockey club that have to manage that as good as they can. A guy like (Brian) Rolston, he’s got some experience so our guys that we’ve gotten are experienced guys so I don’t see that as an issue. We’re down 3-2 in the series and most people will tell you, until they win four games, that’s when the series is over. So we’ve got an opportunity tomorrow to get back into this series and create a Game 7 and that’s what we’re going to try to do.


On Patrice Bergeron and Joe Corvo’s status and the lack of a call when Corvo went down
Well that was probably the frustrating part for me. We were in Washington last game and twice their players go down in their own end and we had full control of the puck and the whistle was blown right away with no hesitation and tonight we’re deciding we’re not. So, I guess I was a little perturbed — is there two sets of rules or one? And I know they’re different referees but it’s still the same series so that was frustrating because they ended up scoring a goal on that. Again, that was my frustration on that goal and it’s unfortunate that how it ended up. Those other two guys are being looked at as we speak right now so there’s no update on them.”

On what positives the team will take away from the game
Well first of all, it’s about focusing on tomorrow. There are some good things, I don’t think now’s the time to start elaborating on all those things with players. Sometimes you have to feel that sting a little big in order to get yourself ready the next day and we’ll address that tomorrow certainly before the game. Still a lot of good things that we did tonight and you look at some of the missed opportunities — Seguin is one, he had grease tonight and those opportunities were there for him so that’s a positive. You wish he would have put some of those in and it’s a different outcome. But building on the positives, and as I said, we’re maybe in trouble but we’re not dead and we’re certainly gong to make tomorrow a game that’s going to create a Game 7 for us.”

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