Claude Julien leads Winthrop youth team to 3-2 win


HAVERHILL — Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien, back behind a bench today at Haverhill Valley Forum, helped coach the Winthrop Squirt B hockey team to a 3-2 win over Watertown.

Julien was coaching to benefit the Boston Bruins Foundation and Massachusetts youth hockey. The Winthrop team won Julien’s services via a raffle.

“It was a lot of fun to get behind the bench and deal with young hockey players again,” Julien said. “They were having fun and enjoying the game. They were an excited group.”

Winthrop coach Steve Indrisano led the Winthrop club. During the game, Julien offered tips to the coaches and players. Following each goal, Julien applauded his players. After each shift, Julien gave them taps on the helmets and fist bumps.


Like everyone else in the NHL, Julien is awaiting the end of the lockout. The NHL has scrubbed games through November.

“Unfortunately, I’m just a bystander like everyone else, waiting for the signal to go back to work,” Julien said. “That’s all I know and that’s all I can say. Like anybody else, I think the fans want to see hockey back. I’m no different. I think the people involved with those negotiations want the same thing as well.”

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