Bruins’ Shawn Thornton keeping in shape

Not playing hockey, or getting paid, isn’t ideal, but Shawn Thornton has an advantage over many other players during this NHL lockout: He can continue doing what he does better than most — beat the snot out of people.

With the lockout in Day 82, and owners suspending talks in New York and rejecting the latest proposals from the NHLPA, the Bruins enforcer has had plenty of extra time to get to the gym. And box. And do jujitsu.

You know, normal Thornton stuff.

“I’m actually in pretty good shape right now,” he said Thursday from a charity event hosted by Kevin Youkilis downtown. “Conditioning shouldn’t be a problem. I enjoy it. That’s the easy part.


“We skate every day. I’m still boxing, doing jujitsu, still lifting, doing all that stuff to stay at my optimal playing weight.”

Thornton said, if necessary, he would go to New York to help the cause.

“Sidney [Crosby] is there,” he said. “So that’s good.”

Thornton remains “cautiously optimistic” the NHL stalemate ends soon.

“I hope it’s the now, not the never,” he said. “Every day that goes by ticks away at the calendar and the clock. And we lose paychecks every day too. And [the owners] lose revenue and games played every day. So I hope the sense of urgency is finally kicking in on both sides.”

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