Making ‘a mountain out of a power play’

WILMINGTON – Bruins coach Claude Julien thought he had gotten through a session with the media without a question about the Bruins’ power play. He hadn’t.

“We’re four games in, guys,” Julien said. “I’d say three of the four games we’ve moved the puck well, posts and a goal that was disallowed. A lot of things have happened. I think people have to take a step back here and understand.”

The Bruins are 1-for-17 on the power play, putting them just a step above Los Angeles, which is 0-for-23.

Julien mentioned the Stanley Cup run by Los Angeles without a great power play. He mentioned that Tampa Bay hasn’t been practicing the power play, focusing instead on five-on-five.


“I think people have to take a step back here and maybe breathe a little easier here with this stuff, not make a mountain out of a power play,” Julien said. “Certainly we want it to work well, but it’s not the end of the world.

“We’re still winning some hockey games. We’re still unbeaten in regulation. And our power play has given us some momentum, has given us some chances. So we hope that with time we’ll get more results than we have so far.”

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