Bobby Orr memoir cover revealed on Bruins great’s 65th birthday

Orr jacket.jpeg

It’s Bobby Orr’s 65th birthday today, and to help celebrate, the publisher of his upcoming memoir has given and Globe readers an exclusive look at the cover of the Bruins legend’s autobiography.

Could any other photograph than Orr’s famous “flying goal” in the 1970 Stanley Cup finals be the one used to front “Orr: My Story”? Orr’s goal in overtime of Game 4 of the finals vs. the Blues gave the Bruins a 4-3 victory and their first Stanley Cup in 29 years, and the photo of Orr sailing through the air after scoring is one of the most memorable images in Boston sports history.


The memoir is due out in October, and according to publisher G.P. Putnam’s Sons, it will include Orr’s reflections on his hockey career as well as “the candid thoughts of a man who once lost nearly everything to the treachery of his best friend, then reinvented himself and found renewed success.”

Said Orr: “I’m like most people in that over time I’ve wanted to write down my thoughts, make sense of many things I’ve seen, and share some things I’ve learned. Having played in the National Hockey League doesn’t make me a better person than anyone else but it does mean that I’ve met some interesting people and been through some experiences I think are worth putting on paper. This moment in my life seems the right time to do just that.”

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