NHL approves Carl Soderberg’s transfer to Bruins

The NHL has stamped Carl Soderberg’s NHL transfer card, which frees the Swedish forward to report to the Bruins. Soderberg’s NHL arrival had been delayed because the Swedish federation had vetoed his transfer.

The Swedes had argued that Soderberg had a second contract with the federation as well as with Linkoping, his Swedish club. But the NHL did not agree. The Bruins had negotiated Soderberg’s release with Linkoping and signed the forward to a three-year contract.

“The NHL rejected Swedish argument that a second contract existed with the federation,” J.P. Barry, Soderberg’s agent, wrote in an email. “They ruled our release from Linkoping extinguished all obligations and allowed Carl to sign with the Bruins.”

Soderberg plans to travel to Boston on Tuesday.


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