Bruins to use bonus cushion with Jarome Iginla contract

Jarome Iginla will have a base salary of $1.8 million. However, Iginla’s cap hit will most likely top out at $6 million. Iginla will make $4.2 million in performance bonuses, most of which will be attainable.

Because Iginla, 36, is working on a 35-and-older contract, the Bruins can apply the $4.2 million in incentives toward the bonus cushion. Teams can exceed the $64.3 million cap by 7.5 percent ($4,822,500) by using the bonus cushion.

If a team exceeds the cushion, it must carry an overage penalty by that number the following season.

By exercising the bonus cushion with Iginla’s 35-and-older contract, and by using the long-term injury exception with Marc Savard, the Bruins have enough cap space to sign Tuukka Rask.


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