Bruins didn’t ‘Bieber-proof’ dressing room, despite reports

The Boston Bruins’ dressing room at the TD Garden has a large Bruins’ logo on the floor in the middle of the room. Like many other sports arenas, it is an unwritten rule that no one is to ever step on that logo – it’s considered disrespectful and can be seen as a precursor to cursing the team.

After a recent fiasco at the United Center in Chicago involving Justin Bieber stepping on the Blackhawks’ logo, it was reported that TD Garden roped off the Bruins’ spoked B in the team’s dressing room in order to “Bieber-proof” the premises in preparation for the pop star’s July 20 Boston show.


Despite wide reporting that this was the case, Bruins’ public relations representative Matt Chmura addressed the situation in the following tweets on Monday morning:

During a trip to Chicago for a July 9 concert, Bieber was photographed in the Blackhawks’ dressing room snapping a close-up of the Stanley Cup while the singer was standing directly on top of the Blackhawks’ logo, prompting criticism of the 19-year-old Canadian and known hockey fan, including a jab from Blackhawks’ forward Andrew Shaw:

On a side note: prior to the Bieber concert in Boston last week, Rich Shertenlieb, co-host of “Toucher & Rich” on 98.5 The Sports Hub, had some fun with Bieber fans outside the hotel that the pop star was allegedly staying at last week. View the video of Rich’s prank here.

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