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‘NHL 14’ Has Spoken: The Bruins Will Win the Stanley Cup


Ready the duck boats.

The results of EA Sports’ annual “NHL 14” playoff simulation were announced today, and the Digital Boston Bruins emerged victorious, beating the Digital San Jose Sharks in six games to claim vectorized hardware. Tuukka Rask’s pixelated avatar took home the Conn Smythe for the #000000 and #FFD700.

“The simulation is conducted by using artificial intelligence within NHL 14 that uses real-life data from each player to predict a realistic outcome of each game,” said EA of the result, which means that this sim could technically be accurate for the flesh-and-blood Bruins, who begin their playoff run Friday night.

Although the prediction-happy game developer has failed to divine a correct winner in the last six years, the AI of “NHL 14” is the most sophisticated yet, with stats fluctuating with a player’s overall development.
Could this mean this is their most accurate prediction yet? Possibly. It’s also possible that video game Brad Marchand might have figured out this glitch and abused Anti Niemi.
Either way, for the sake of the living, breathing B’s, let’s hope reality imitates art this postseason.


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