Brad Marchand: ‘Any Press is Good Press … Sometimes’

DETROIT — The Bruins got a good chuckle this morning out of a NBC “The Tonight Show” sketch by Jimmy Fallon and his NHL superlatives.

Three Bruins players were featured in the sketch, including Brad Marchand, Dougie Hamilton, and Zdeno Chara.

Fallon humorously said Marchand was voted “most likely to play a pizza delivery guy in an ’80s movie about skiing.”

It didn’t take much for Marchand’s teammates to agree.
“I could actually” see Marchand as a pizza delivery boy, said Milan Lucic. “That’s actually, out of the three, that’s probably the best one. A pizza delivery boy in an ’80s movie. That’s the best one.”
Marchand took it in stride.
“I woke up and all the guys were talking about it at breakfast,” he said. “It’s fun stuff, it’s funny to see. Any press is good press … sometimes.”
Marchand has other worries, though. The Bruins left winger has shown flashes of the “Little Ball of Hate,” which has in turn drawn the ire of the Red Wings. He’s taking that in stride, too.
“In the playoffs, it’s so emotional and the attention is really high and guys are laying it on the line and when you do that, things get chippy,” he said. “Guys are playing aggressively and I think it just kind of comes out in the playoffs a little bit more when you know what’s on the line and what you’re expected to do, it just comes out.”
Marchand said guys are not really talking trash on the ice, but that chippiness is out there, whether it’s his fault or not.
“You want to set a tempo,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against. We want to play in your face. I think that’s kind of our style. When you do that, sometimes guys come back at you. They want to try and play our style of hockey. We kind of suck guys in like that and get them off their game a little bit. But it’s just more, it gets us in the game and it makes us play better and that’s what we want to do.”
The Red Wings have been knocked off their game quite literally. They tallied 11 shots on goal and have been stopped by Tuukka Rask on 80 of 82 shots in the series. Part of the reason for that is the Bruins have taken the physicality to their opponents, something that this young Red Wings roster is not accustomed to.
“When you go after guys enough and you hit them, it’s human nature they want to hit you back,” Marchand said. “I think you can see that with their guys. They might skate away and stuff … but guys are gonna run out of position to hit and that’s what you want.”
Red Wings coach Mike Babcock has said that his players should ignore Marchand, one of the Bruins’ chief agitators.
“I’ve been getting that my whole life,” Marchand said.

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