Bruins Show in First Period That They’re not Going to Let Subban Beat Them Again

After scoring two power play goals in Game 1, including the double overtime winner, the Bruins weren’t going to let P.K. Subban beat them again.

They came out of the gate with that in mind, ramping up the physicality on the Montreal defenseman, giving him no room to work and making sure that if someone on the Habs was going to score, it wasn’t going to be him.

Brad Marchand got in Subban’s face as the two tangled early in the period. Subban left the ice shortly afterward and headed down the tunnel. He would soon return to the bench.


It wouldn’t be much longer, however, that Subban returned to the room; it was unclear whether this was from the same apparent injury as earlier in the period or a new one.
With 1:21 left in the first, P.K. Subban showed he apparently didn’t take a lesson from Detroit’s Brendan Smith, as tried to get into it with Zdeno Chara, to which Chara gladly replied.
As Subban skated away, he cross checked Zdeno Chara hard in the chest and naturally Chara went after him while Subban ran for the bench. Both players were given unsportsmanlike conduct minors that would extend into the second period.
Following sequence that led to penalties  on Twitpic
Credit to @myregularface for the GIF.

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