Canadiens Coach Michel Therrien Says We’re Not Here to Talk About a Few Bad People on the Interent

Montreal Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said P.K. Subban has a lot of character to deal with racist tweets. Paul Chiasson / AP photo

Montreal Canadiens coach Michel Therrien was concerned enough about P.K. Subban to seek out his star defenseman Friday and gauge how he was feeling following a string of racists tweets directed at him.

“I wanted to see how he felt,” Therrien said. “You know what, honestly, it doesn’t affect him. He’s got a lot of character, that kid. But I wanted to make sure how he feel, I wanted to make sure he got our support. Like he said, and from my standpoint too, it’s more important that we’re here to sell the game, we’re to win hockey games, we’re here to compete. We’re not here to talk about a few bad people that put some comments on the internet. My focus is more about competing and to make sure my team is ready.”


Subban scored the game-winning goal in Thursday’s double overtime game at TD Garden. Following the goal, a flood of racist tweets made their way online directed at Subban. A water bottle was also tossed at him following the game-winner. But it appears the Canadiens are doing their best to take the high road and move on from this distraction.

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