Tuukka Rask: ‘Stupid Mistakes Cost Us the Game’

MONTREAL — Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask, who gave up two key goals on breakaways that were the result of defensive breakdowns, spoke about the 4-2 loss at the Bell Centre.

“Disappointing, but not a bad effort overall,” Rask said.

Rask spoke about the slow starts that have plagued the Bruins in the first period in this series.

“I think just mentally we need to be more prepared,” Rask said. “Making those mistakes, giving the opposite team the lead, that’s not a good thing every night, so I think we just have to be mentally sharper, do the things we talk about.”


Rask was asked if it was tough to play in Game 3 because of the newborn baby he welcomed over the weekend.
“No, it was just another game,” he said. “Obviously, [I’m] really happy, but still we have a job to do here and when you come to the rink it’s go time, and when I go home, different time.”
Rask said it wasn’t going to be difficult putting Game 3 behind the team.
“Yeah, I don’t think we played bad, we just made stupid mistakes which ended up costing us a game,” Rask said. “We have to get rid of those and keep playing like we’ve been playing and we’re going to get a win or two.”

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