Carl Soderberg: ‘I Can Play on This Level The Whole Time’

Is Carl Soderberg on track to be the next big star player for the Bruins?

Soderberg, who scored his first postseason goal as his line continued to excel in this series, spoke about the win over Montreal in Game 5 and how how good it felt to get the first goal and to play with the lead. “We are pretty good team to play with a lead and they are too,” Soderberg said after the 4-2 Game 5 win. “So I think in four of five games, the first goal scorers have won the game. It’s always important, especially in the second and third.”


The Big Swede spoke about the matchup in Game 5 for his highly productive line.

“Yeah, I play with whoever Coach [Julien] wants to play with me,” he said. “But right now since Fras [Matt Fraser] came in and he scored the game winner last game and it seems like he is fitting in pretty well with our line. Loui [Eriksson] and I, I think we have played good the whole playoffs but we haven’t scored so it is a good both of us scored today.”

Soderberg talked about the time it took to get his line to gel together as a unit.

“Yeah, it always takes [time]– with [Chris] Kelly we had before, it took like 10 games, 15 games to get the chemistry together but then it was all set,” he said. “Loui [Eriksson] and I had that chemistry for a long time and now we have changed the third guy in our line and, I don’t know. It seems like Fras [Matt Fraser] is a pretty good option there.”
Fraser has been a huge addition to the Soderberg-Eriksson combo, and Soderberg can see the goal scoring talent. “He’s a goal scorer for sure,” Soderberg said of the 23-year-old addition that was called up from Providence Wednesday. “We didn’t score last game, he came in and scored for us. He got us going too and today it was me and Loui’s [Eriksson] turn.”
Soderberg was asked if he was playing his best hockey right now.
“I don’t believe in peaks.,” he said. “I think hard work every game, that creates peaks. I don’t know, I’ve been pretty good right now but I think I can play on this level the whole time.”
Bruins coach Claude Julien offered high praise for Soderberg after the 4-2 Game 5 win as well.
“Well, we knew he was a great player,” Julien said. “I think he led the scoring in the league in Sweden there before he came to us, so we knew he had that skill. He just came to us and I think for him last year, when he came to us maybe a little late, he didn’t get much of a chance to play yet and feel his way through. But couple of things you noticed is that he needed to be in better shape, which he did this year — got himself in great shape — and the experience he got throughout the year. Eventually he just kind of found his game, and he’s fitting in extremely well. He’s a big, strong centerman and seems to make great play sand seems to be all over the puck all the time.”

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