Did Matt Fraser Have More Frozen Yogurt Before Game 5?

After Matt Fraser scored at 1:19 of overtime to give the Bruins the thrilling 1-0 victory over the Canadiens in Game 4 in Montreal, he revealed to the national TV audience that he had consumed some frozen yogurt after lunch a day before his NHL playoff debut.

We asked Fraser today if he kept with the winning formula and indulged in another sweet treat before Game 5.

“I thought about it and then it’s just like I try not to get too wound up with those superstitions,” Fraser said after the morning skate at TD Garden. “I know I was thinking in my head, even my mom texted me, she asked if I went for a frozen yogurt, but no I just stayed in my hotel room and went about my business.”


In case you were wondering, Fraser’s flavor for the famed froyo was strawberry-kiwi. “I’m not a chocolate guy,” he said.

“After I said it on TV, I was kind of just like, ‘geez, that sounded really stupid’ and my mom texted me and she’s like, ‘Really?’ and then all my buddies texted me and they were wondering what was going on, so it was just I saw it and you try not to pay much attention to it, but it was kind of funny how it happened.”
Bruins coach Claude Julien spoke about what it meant to have the Merlot line of Shawn Thornton-Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille together Thursday when Paille rejoined the line for the first time in over a month.
“Just those three together, they’ve been together forever so there’s obviously chemistry there, better knowledge of each other, so that’s certainly a plus,” Julien said. “I guess that’s just a natural thing as far as that line is concerned. There’s no doubt when Dan’s on that line, they’re a better line.”
Paille said it took a while for the three line mates to find their groove in Game 4, but it starting to feel like old times.
“I think it was the first time I played with them in over a month or even practiced so it was good to kind of see us back together playing the way we need to towards the end,” Paille said. “We’ve had a couple of days here to kind of reassess, talk to each other, and try to get things back to normal.”
Puck drops just after 7:00 p.m. tonight. Keep it here on Boston.com for all the updates before and after Game 5.

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