Tuukka Rask Impressed With Bruins Effort in Game 5

Tuukka didn’t pitch a shutout tonight, but he was rock solid while the Bruins grabbed the lead in Game 5 and never looked back.

“We did everything we wanted to,” Rask said after the 4-2 victory over the Canadiens. “Good start. Kept pushing, kept pushing, got the power play goal. Never looked back, so it was a great effort from everybody.”

Rask got into a bit of a scrum in front of his net late in the first period when Tomas Plekanec went to the box for goalkeeper interference and a fight nearly broke out while Rask’s teammates jumped to his defense.


“Yeah, I think every hockey team expects that,” Rask said of the support he received form his teammates. “We’re a tight group and we stick [up] for each other. If something happens, we do it. But nothing serious.”

Montreal had fewer scoring chance on Rask compared to the last couple of games.
“I think we’ve been really solid defensively throughout the series,” Rask said. “They’ve had some chances, but nothing too crazy and I think the consistency for us has got to be there every game.”
“When you get burned a couple of times you, obviously you have to learn from your mistakes and I think we did. Today they were down by a couple of goals and obviously they tried to stretch that guy out there again and we were awake and alert, and that’s good to see. ”
Rask spoke about going from playing catchup all series to playing with the lead in Game 5.
“Yeah, we’re a pretty good team when we have the lead,” he said. “If it’s a three goal lead or two goal lead we try to play the same way, and I I think today was a pretty good example of that. We never sat back we just kept going and playing our system. It gives you that little bit of breathing room when you have a lead, for sure.”

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