Did Milan Lucic Threaten Canadiens Players in the Handshake Line?

What exactly did Milan Lucic say to Dale Weise and company during the postgame handshake?

Whatever it was, P.K. Subban wasn’t willing to share with NBC’s Pierre McGuire during an interview after the Canadiens’ Game 7 win over the Bruins. Habs forward Dale Weise wasn’t as reserved.

If you can read lips, it may rhyme with “luck,” but we can assure you, Lucic is not wishing the Canadiens well against the New York Rangers.

An extremely emotional Lucic took issue with Weise revealing what was exchanged.

“That’s said on the ice so it’ll stay on the ice,” he said, “so if he wants to be a baby about it, he can make it public.


“Disrespect? Having a goal celebration, what kind of disrespect is that? I’m not going to say anything. I’ve got nothing to say about that.”

In the aftermath, the hashtag #WhatLucicToldWeise returned some pretty humorous comments.

When does the schedule get released so we can find out when these two teams face off for the first time in 2014-15?

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