First period recap: Bruins Fighting Anemic Play, Down 1-0

In my thesaurus, there are 16 alternatives for the word anemic, which is defined as lacking in color, spirit, or vitality.

The same can be said of the Bruins in the first period, whose play could be described as lackluster, spiritless, ineffective, lifeless and so much more following the Canadiens’ first period goal, a quick strike by Dale Weise only 2:18 into the game.

Weise’s goal, which was a beautifully collected puck from Daniel Briere across the front of the crease, deflated the Bruins. They know that the first team to score in this series is 6-0. It showed in their play. It wasn’t until there were six minutes left to go in the period that there was some fight (quite literally) shown by the Bruins. They’re facing an adverse situation and they have not played well from behind.


The Bruins, for their part, tried to be aggressive and physical, attempting to reconnect with their style of play that was so successful in Game 5 and during the regular season. But some tight whistles by the referees made it tough on Boston to get any momentum. The Bruins were penalized three times in the period, twice going on the penalty kill, successfully killing both.

Tuukka Rask, despite allowing Weise’s goal, stopped five shots as the Bruins were able to limit the Canadiens’ chances. The Bruins led in shots with nine.

The Bruins have to get their energy up to deal with the Canadiens, who appear to still be on a high following Game 6’s 4-0 victory. And for goodness sake, they have to do something about these defensive lines, which range average to poor against the Habs’ attack.

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