Words of encouragement

Leon Powe, who has been through two major knee surgeries similar to the one Tony Allen is scheduled for Saturday, talked about what Allen would be going through during his rehab.

“I’ve been through it twice,” said Powe. “I just hated the rehab. It seems so slow. It’s frustrating. It’s nerve wracking. But I know Tony’s going to work hard.”

Powe said he is basically back to 100 percent.

“I can jump real well still,” he said. “I maybe lost an inch or two off my vertical leap. But I’ve been constantly working on it, putting it back on. I used to be a little bit faster going up. So that’s what I work on every summer, just getting everything right.”


Powe was confident Allen could come back strong.

“It just takes a tough minded person to go through that,” said Powe. “If you’re tough minded, and Tony is, you’re going to get through it. That’s how Tony is. He’s tough. Just by knowing that if I work hard it’s going to come out right. If I fail the first time I’m going to get back up and try the second time.”

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