Spurs, 50-38 (half)

Former Celtic Bruce Bowen extended his consecutive-games streak to 397 tonight. He has started all of those games. The Spurs forward graciously introduced himself to a nervous young Spurs fan in the corridor between the locker rooms before the game, and he also struck up a conversation with Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

Bowen is known for his defensive prowess, and his reputation has held true here in the first half. Bowen has as many fouls (three) as he does points.

  • Wally Szczerbiak, Paul Pierce, and Brian Scalabrine sat at the end of the Boston bench during the first half. The three sported blazers and not uniforms, but Szczerbiak and Scalabrine hope to play at home Wednesday against Atlanta.
  • Al Jefferson is leading the Celtics with 15 points and seven rebounds at halftime. Jefferson is faring well on the offensive end, but Tim Duncan (14 points, seven rebounds) is having his way with Big Al down low.
  • Rivers was as heated at the end of the half as he has been all season. He called a timeout with less than a minute to go in the period seeminly to yell at rookie Rajon Rondo.
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