A session with Doc

The Celtics announced today that forward Wally Szczerbiak would have season-ending ankle injury, but coach Doc Rivers said he knew it after last Tuesday’s game.

“Yeah I pretty much did,” said Rivers. “We kind of knew when he went down in the Sacramento game that it was pretty much over. Right when you hear ‘second opinions’, you kind of know that he’s not going to play anymore this year.”

Rivers did not know much about the specifics of the injury.

“I told you before, it’s just a nickname, ‘Doc’, is” said Rivers.

Rivers said that by having the surgery, Szczerbiak should be completely ready to go by the start of training camp next season.


“That’s the good news,” he said. “He’ll be healthy early. I don’t think this is something that’s more than a two or three month, four month recovery.”

“When we made the trade (for Szczerbiak), we knew that he had some knee issues but nothing bad. Obviously it was worse once he started playing on it. We never really got to see Wally this year.”

  • Rivers doesn’t expect Paul Pierce to be Paul Pierce at any point this season.

    “(I expect him to be ready in) October,” said Rivers. “I just think it’s tough when you miss that much. You’re playing catch up all the time. The problem is you’re playing in these games so you get fatigued, and then you try to work out so you get more fatigued. You never can catch up. Paul’s never been out of shape so this is tough for him.”

  • The news was just as bad for Kendrick Perkins.

    “He’s a lot like Paul to me, and it’s even more so with him than it is with Paul,” said Rivers. “He can’t do a lot of running on the off days. When he sat out he obviously got out of shape. Now we can’t get him back in shape. It’s been frustrating for him.”

  • Coney Island native Sebastian Telfair sported a New York Yankees cap in the locker room before tonight’s game with cousin and Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury.
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