Tourney talk

Gerald Green and Allan Ray were talking some NCAA tournament trash in the Celtics locker room before tonight’s game.

“My high school [Gulf Shores Academy] could beat you all [Villanova],” Green joked to Ray before the game.

“Are you serious?” said Ray. “Scottie Reynolds would have 60 against those guys.”

Ray offered some serious prognostication as well, saying Villanova could make a run through an “easy” West bracket.

Paul Pierce, whose Kansas Jayhawks could face Villanova in the second round, wasn’t around to hear the rookie’s claim. Pierce, of course, is picking Kansas to go all the way.


“Did you think my answer was going to change this year?” said Pierce.

Pierce played for Roy Williams at Kansas, but he said he isn’t about to change his allegience to Williams’s North Carolina Tar Heels.

“I like Roy and I hope a lot of success for them, but my heart is with Kansas,” he said.

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