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Judging by the reaction on our message boards this morning, Celtics fans are taking last night’s lottery letdown pretty hard.

Reading through the hundreds of responses, many fans blamed the Celtics for “tanking,” others accused David Stern of rigging the lottery, and some threw their hands in the air and vowed off the green forever. Oh, and there were a few who saw the glass as half full, pointing out that the team still had a top 5 pick.

In an effort to combat that collective groan we’re hearing across New England this morning, we present to you our list of the top 10 funniest reactions from Celtics fans this morning on our message boards.


10. Tommy doesn’t get a Tommy Point for this. Donnie Wahlberg wouldn’t even give you a “Donnie Point.”
Posted by kyleaustin7

9. Can we trade the pick for Telfair again, I think he will be better this time around.
Posted by crono420

8. I can’t think straight, I think I’m going to puke…
Posted by moneyfish1

7. It’s like that episode of Seinfeld when George got the job with the Yankees and landed the babe, while Elaine’s life fell apart. At the end of the episode Elaine realized “I’m George!” The Pats were our pathetic, long running losers, and the Celtics had it all going for them. The Celtics are George!! And those Seinfeld re-runs will continue to be more interesting to watch than they are.
Posted by ftblrg

6. What does life mean? Is there a god?

*looks to the window and ponders what it all means*
Posted by MorenoM72

5. I am eating jell-o now
cartoons are on the tv
doctor says that I might be able to go outside in a few weeks
I’m in my happy place
birds are chirping
Posted by jjmcs

4. I hate my life.
Posted by mjbenvie

3. Anybody know a good place to get a Celtics tatoo removed ? 🙁
Posted by richierich67


2. I hope Greg Dickerson is still alive.
Posted by zubi

1. With the 5th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select… Continual Mediocrity.
Posted by pinch_harmonic

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