What now?

With the Celtics missing out on the chance to draft Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, fans of the green are wondering: What now?

One of the Celtics’s options at No. 5 is a player you’ve probably never heard of but probably will learn a lot more about in the coming weeks: Yi Jianlian. Danny Ainge has made at least two trips to China to check out the 19-year-old seven-footer, who according to the Globe is more of an outside player than Yao Ming.

ESPN.com’s Chad Ford writes of Yi: “He’s 7 feet tall, but he’s not a center like Yao. In fact, as draft prospects go, he’s more like Kevin Durant than he is like Greg Oden.” In his mock draft this morning, Ford predicts the Celtics will take Yi.


Check out a highlight reel of Yi in action below from YouTube (who knew a 7-footer could dribble like that?), and click here for more where that came from. (Forgive the Rump-Shaker soundtrack)

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