The state of KG

Kevin Garnett gave his “State of the Power Forward” address before tonight’s game with the Clippers. Garnett will miss his fifth straight game tonight with a strained abdominal muscle he suffered at home on Jan. 25 against the Timberwolves.

He said he updates coach Doc Rivers every day about the status of his injury.

“We’ll just label it day-to-day,” said Garnett. “From the day I injured myself, up to this day, I’ve gotten better each and every day.”

Garnett refused to put a timetable on his return. He said this injury is different than any he has had.


“You don’t know how many movements are affected throughout your core, throughout your abdomen area,” he said. “Everything from coughing, to sneezing and laughing and moving around, to tossing and turning in the bed at night. So it’s been difficult.”

Garnett said he is now able to do leg lifts while laying on his back, and that he has also started running. He was asked when he thought, in his mind, he would be back.

“My mind is not really the case here,” he said. “Doc just wants to make sure I’m smart, and I’m not doing anything heroic, as they put it. They want to make sure that I’m healthy. Obviously we have another half of basketball to play, and I’m trying to be honest.”

Boston’s trip to Minnesota was expected to be a dramatic homecoming for Garnett, but KG won’t play Friday. He may not even travel with the team to Minnesota. That’s not something he’s handling easily.

“That’s a given,” Garnett said when asked if he wished he could play Friday. “You all can come up with an answer with yourselves. This picture is just bigger than one or two days, or what’s around the corner.”


Garnett is known for his intensity on the court. It’s that passion that makes this injury especially difficult for him to deal with.

“I’ll be honest, I can’t really watch a lot of games, watch them in the back,” he said. “That’s hard for me within itself. I’m dealing with it. I’m trying to have a good attitude and be a good Samaritan about it.”

Garnett was asked why he doesn’t sit on the bench with the team during games.

“Well for one, I don’t wear a sports jacket,” he said. “Second, sitting on the bench and knowing that it’s about 10 steps to the scorer’s table to check in, wouldn’t probably be the best thing for the NBA right now.”

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