Mascot says it’s all Bull

A Bulls official said this morning that their mascot Benny the Bull is innocent. He is accused of hitting Celtics players Kevin Garnett and James Posey with T-shirts, according to the players.

Bulls officials say that the incident was a result of an accident by its promotional team, the IncrediBulls. One of the members apparently fell down as it was shooting T-shirts into the crowd.

“When the IncrediBull member tripped, the shirts were accidentally launched in the direction of the Celtics, but they did hit the floor first according to what we saw. When it took place we did take steps to apologize to the Celtics’ bench and the referees during the timeout and let them know what happened during that same timeout,” said Bulls spokesman Tim Hallam.


The Bulls have watched the incident over video.

Instead of hitting the crowd, the T-shirts hit the Celtics players. When Garnett and Posey turned to look where the shirts came from, all they saw in their vicinity was Bennie.

Bulls officials said they told the game referees what had happened. Then the referees told the Celtics bench the story. However, the Celtics did not buy the tale.

Benny the Bull may comment later today, but says he is innocent of all charges.

However, according to the Bulls officials, Benny does not speak and conduct interviews.

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