Playoff predictions

TNT analyst Reggie Miller on picking Boston in the Eastern Conference playoffs:

“It’s going to be such a blood bath out West, where I see every series going at least six games. The least resistance is in the East. It’s going to come down to Boston and Detroit, the two best teams in the East. Charles (Barkley) and I are in unison that we love the passion that Kevin Garnett has brought to Boston, there is something special that Doc (Rivers) has resurrected in his team. I like the addition of Sam Cassell, he’s been great as of late. I like Boston in the East.”


Charles Barkley on how he sees the NBA Playoffs shaping up:

“The East (Conference) is obviously Boston and Detroit, that’s going to be a monster series. They are the two best teams in the East by far. I’m not sure who is going to win it but I think it’s going to be a great series.

Miller on an Eastern Conference team’s chances to win the NBA championship:

“I would not be surprised if every first-round series in the Western Conference did not go six or seven games. And I would not be surprised if a team from the Eastern Conference, once they get to the Finals, end up winning it because these teams in the West are going to be so emotionally drained. Their playoffs started right after the All-Star break when everyone was trying to jockey for position. They’ve been in playoff mode for almost two months now.

Meanwhile, Boston and Detroit have been almost cruising the last three or four weeks, resting a lot of players. I would not be surprised if a team from the Eastern Conference ends up winning (the championship).”

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