Welcome to Auburn Hills

Greetings from the suburbs of Detroit, where the Celtics look to earn their first road victory of the postseason in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons.

A side note. The Globe delegation had an interesting travel experience. We decided to fly from Boston to Flint. That does not sound strange. But, we had to fly through Detroit to get to Flint and drive 45 minutes to our hotel.


A direct flight to Detroit would have cost at least $800. The tickets to Flint were only $250. Yes, you should be scratching your head, too.

Tonight’s game is a pivotal one for the Celtics, who lost home-court advantage Thursday night.


You know you are at a road game when you walk into the Celtics’ visiting locker room. It is very small, 12 feed wide by 20 feet long. It also was very steamy in the room.

Shortly, Celtics coach Doc Rivers will give his pre-game talk to the media. We’ll have details.

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