Posey greets fans; notes from the premiere


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James Posey and Eddie House signed autographs for about 2 hours today at the Borders in downtown Boston, according to the Associated Press. The two free agents were promoting the new Celtics championship DVD, which premiered last night at the TD Banknorth Garden.

According to the AP, fans made their way through the line and told the players they hoped to have them back for a repeat, with Posey telling one fan: “Me, too. Me, too.”

Speaking of the premiere, several Celtics fans in attendance chanted “Bring back Posey” when the players were introduced before the screening. Posey was clearly uncomfortable being on stage during the chant, flashing a sly smile before ducking out behind the curtain to watch the DVD with the team in a private room.

A few scattered thoughts/observations from last night’s premiere (Photos):


Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce share a laugh at the team’s DVD premiere Monday night. (Josh Reynolds / Globe)

  • Kevin Garnett says he still hasn’t gotten a full night’s sleep since the season ended.

    “A lot of cat naps,” KG said. “I’m the No. 1 spokesman for cat naps.”

    As he was talking, Celtics GM Danny Ainge came by and punched Garnett in the arm.

    “That’s as hard as he can punch, too,” KG joked.

  • Ainge, Posey, Garnett, Rondo, and House sat at the same table in the VIP room of the Lexus Club last night to watch the DVD. Posey and Ainge spoke for a bit, but the Celtics GM spent most of his time talking to Garnett.
  • Rajon Rondo says he’s gained a little weight since the season ended at the end of June. The spindly point guard says he’s at 180 pounds, up from 174 pounds during the season.
  • Paul Pierce sat next to his fiance Julie at the the Garden’s Lexus Club last night and watched the championship DVD intently. He was really into it. As he watched, the captain sipped some red wine.

    Pierce offered the comment of the night as highlights of the Cavs series were shown.

    “LeBron’s a beast,” Pierce said to a Celtics staffer next to him, explaining how physically beat up he was after the series.

    Pierce also had his infant daughter Prianna with him. He says he’s been reading her one of the books that was published about the Celtics after the won the championship.

    “It really hits me, sitting with my daughter on the couch, what this is all about,” said Pierce. “It’s been great, being a father and winning a championship.”

    The Celtics captain said he’s taken the Finals MVP trophy with him to a couple of restaurants and even a nightclub.

  • Celtics players reacted to many moments in the DVD, but one of the best reactions came when a clip of Doc Rivers talking to Garnett during practice was shown.

    “You know I’m right,” Rivers says to Garnett in the clip, causing KG to howl with laughter.

    At another point, the players seemed to gasp collectively when a shot of Philips Arena in Atlanta was shown. The Celtics lost all three games there during the playoffs.

  • Leon Powe said he is staying out of the Posey recruiting process.

    “I stay out of grown folks’ business,” said Powe.


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