Rondo, new and improved


Rajon Rondo said he has gained 7 pounds this summer. (AP Photo)

Rajon Rondo is bigger.

“I’ve gained 7 pounds,” Rondo beams. “I guess you have to win a championship to gain weight.”

The spindly point guard has added muscle, but he’s also added confidence over the short summer.

“I want to be the best point guard in the league one day,” said Rondo. “My coaching staff believes in me. The Big Three believes in me, and the rest of the team believes in me. I’m going to keep working hard regardless of how much I’ve accomplished so far.”

He’s definitely been working. Veteran Celtics players had to tell Rondo to stop coming in for two-a-days. So he shortened his daily workout to one, 5-hour session.


“A lot of people think we lost our hunger, but I want the same exact result as last season, and another short summer,” said Rondo.

Rondo said he isn’t sure if the questions about deficincies in his game will stop now that he’s won a championship.

“Maybe, maybe not,” said Rondo. “Even though I won a championship, there’s still going to be some critics out there.”

However, unlike last season, Rondo doesn’t seem to worried about his detractors.

“We’re going to make another trip to the White House next year, hopefully.”

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