Speaking: The Truth

The Celtics’ Paul Pierce shared his opinion on a number of topics during an appearance on the “Big Show” on sports radio WEEI this afternoon. A few of his more noteworthy comments:

On how he feels physically entering the season:

Pierce:I’ll tell you one thing, I’m a lot healthier this season. A lot of people don’t know this, but I wasn’t 100 percent for most of last season. Before the season, I had a bone bruise in my left knee, and that was an issue for most of the year. I give Doc [Rivers] a lot of credit [for making sure it didn’t become a worse problem.] It didn’t heal until April, the playoffs, and then I hurt my right knee in the finals . . . [So I feel much healthier now.]


On losing sixth-man extraordinaire James Posey as a free agent to the New Orleans Hornets in the offseason:

Pierce: The way I look at it, Posey was like three or four guys. He could guard a three or four [small forward or power forward] and play [both positions] offensively, slashing and knocking down 3s. He’s such a versatile player, so it’s going to take a combination of guys to replace him, Tony Allen, Big Baby Davis, maybe Darius Miles. [But one player] can’t replace Posey, he was so valuable. That’s why he’s been on two champs.

On impressive rookie second-round pick Bill Walker, who scored eight points in the Celtics’ preseason opener Wednesday, including a thunderous dunk over Sixers center Theo Ratliff:

Pierce: Well, he’s from Kansas State instead of Kansas, so nobody’s ever heard of him before. [Laughs.] He’s a heck of a talent, and he’s come in and worked hard. If he continues to develop in preseason, he’s a guy who can come in and give us some muscle.

On first-round pick J.R. Giddens:

Pierce: He’s coming along. He has to pick up the NBA game, NBA pace, and that’s hard to do in just a week of preseason.. He’s working hard, but it’s taking him a little bit longer [than Walker]. But he’ll pick it up.

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